I love the horizontal stripes of this bodycon dress turned shirt. Something about the black and the dark beige makes me think of mystery. They are fall/winter colors but you could catch me wearing this dress all year round. The dress used to be a favorite, but this time I tried it as a top. A muted colored top with bold stripes to go with loud pants and these snakeskin birthday shoes. For some reason I keep pairing my snakeskin mary jane's with broad stripes, like here.

And I was brave enough to wear my red skinnies again! I read somewhere that red skinnies were a summer dealie, and now all the trendy people are veering towards pants that are the color of autumn comfort foods-- chocolate browns,  burnt oranges, mustards (but I haven't heard any one considering burnt oranges fall food). This I just do not agree with, or rather this I am not sure I am so into. I might try to pick up another color slim pant, but I will not give up on my red skinnies for the fall especially since I have just gotten the courage to rock them. Besides, red is a color of fall...
What color denim or pant are you going to turn to as the temperature drops and the seasons change?

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