It has been ages since I have gone out, especially with my friends from Brown.  I was invited to a friend's birthday celebration, dinner and drinks/dancing, so I went out. And going out for me...means going all out, outfit-wise. One of my favorite parts, aside from the dancing of course, is dressing up for the occasion. I always end up being over dressed, but I like to dress up in what inspires me for the night. And this Saturday night, it was my new shoes!

I bought these Steve Madden Carnby shoes after dreaming about them the night before. They look kinda like JC Lita's, which I feel like so v many people have, and I saw the Carnby's on someone's blog (can't remember) ages ago. Finally after they went on sale, and I found a funky print (tapestry) that is kind of outside my comfort zone (which was the point), I went in for the purchase. I called ahead to see if they had the size I was looking for and the sales associate I spoke to on the phone said they only had the size below, but I asked her to hold them anyway so I could try them on. Of course they didn't fit when I went to the store, and I was really disappointed, but on a whim, Mey (my shopping partner), asked if they had my size. Amazingly enough they did. So I had to buy them. And that I did. Because they were on my mind the whole week, I had to wear them to the festivities Saturday night. And that I did....
 What inspires your dressing up ensembles?

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