So as we all know at this point, nail polish is very important to me. I have been reading on refinery29 about nail art designs and ways to prolong manicures, and I am becoming a pro at that. Once the polish starts chipping, I pull out my nail art polishes, some gold or glitter, and get to work. Especially with the holidays coming, who doesn't want their nails decorated and glitzy.
On top of that.... There is a wave of exciting glitter colors from Essie and OPI, including the glittertastic Muppet collection. Essie's Dive Bar collection includes shimmery metallic like colors making each nail a gem. (Unfortunately I failed to take a picture of it but you will deffo see in the future.) Mattese elite the Ricky's brand came out with a winter collection filled with glittery sparkley surprises.
I love all the fun people are having with their nails. Just one more accessory for us girls.

NOTE: I apologize for photo quality, these were all taken from my phone. I will do better next time.

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