For some reason, "Working Girl" was the first thing I thought of when putting on my outfit the other day. It's probably the bandanna. It evokes the "We Can Do It" imagery, and Beyonce's "Why don't you love me?" video (in fact it was purchased in London for a fancy dress costume inspired by that very same video). And for some reason those two references make me think of working (both domestic and as part of the work force). On top of it all, I have seen a ZILLION ... ok maybe not a zillion... but a bunch of girls (young and old), tying bandannas, and wearing them like headbands. I did that a couple weeks ago (here), but instead I used mommie's vintage Hermes scarf (shhh.... don't tell).

I was also probably (as usual) too eager to wear my "leg accessories," but I had to. I came across my special effects legwear, and had to put them on. I love them, because they look like pinstripe thigh highs with cutie garters. People give many many compliments on them because they are just that great. If one more person asks where I bought them though, I might scream and cry at the same time. The answer is, I really don't recall and I wish I did.
Hopefully, my eagerness will give Mama Nature a clue, that it is time for Fall, and I know I am not the only one hinting at it. Listen... please?!


a girl can DREAM...

Ok kids. Mama wants to buy a pair of shoes... beauteous shoes, way out of reach shoes. Like honestly, I made the major mistake of looking at the B Brian Atwood shoe collection available at Saks online when they premiered. Ever since then, I have been obsessed.
I truly pity the major players in my life... because they have heard about them for what feels like weeks. My store manager at work is at the point where she is telling me to just get them, and my parents are shaking their heads, and I am sure my boyf wants to tune it out (although he is sweet). Just the other day I was talking about all the things I could wear them with, trying to convince my parents they were worth the dollars. Oh and I will keep having dreams about all the lovely little outfits I could create with those sexy ankle boots... I may or may not be drooling...

But a girl can dream right...?
all images found on www.saksfifthavenue.com
So if any one is interested in contributing a donation to the "Randi Needs Shoes Fund," just let me know and we can set it up....
Just kidding?



Not only was Saturday a really super great day, but I got to wear one of my summer time favorites modified for the transition weather. I got to play tourist (somewhat) in my own city, take cheesy landscape pictures, and giggle with my boyf, all while sporting a lovely little frock. We had many adventures, including wandering grocery store aisles, eating Qdoba, shopping around my place of employment and exploring the waterfront of Hoboken. The weather could have been better (muggy and warm) but the day couldn't have been.
happy tourist!
somebody had an odd fascination with my footwear
Per usual, Joe's response to my nearly daily question of what to wear, resulted in a fun outfit I can not wait to make a repeat offender. My floral dress has been hiding in my closet, as it suffered from over wear, but I finally figured out a way to wear it differently. I paired my flowy floral with a cozy cropped sweater that cost me less than 5GBP. For some reason I forget about the cropped little ditty even though I once realized its potential in practicality.
To top off a marvelous day, me and my favorite, enjoyed another favorite; Sushi from Robongi (I can't stop craving it). The delicious food, complemented the delicious day in my ready for fall ensemble... I am so ready, and looking forward to fall activities :) and clothes!!




So this week started off cool, like the beginnings of autumn, but again the temperatures are rising. The fluctuation is something we should all be getting used to as the transition into fall begins. I was so excited to start to wear my tights (premature as always) and snuggle in my sweaters and even bust out my fav "leather" jacket... but of course it got a little warm again... and I brought the brights back out...

I put the hot green yellow mini with black to help merge the bright colored skirt into the more fall- like season. Though, summer is not officially over (fall begins on the 23rd technically), the beginning of classes and "back to school" shopping, usher in autumn in my mind. Which means it is time to start looking the part..

I love autumn for its diversity in temperatures, colors, and most of all clothing options. But pumpkin lattes and hot apple cider are pluses too!!


Teppan Bar and Grill...

Instead of wandering the world for food on Date Night, we knew exactly where were we were headed because we saw  the place on our last excursion for sustenance. We chose, very decisively, Teppan Bar and Grill in down town Jersey City.
"Dining or Hibachi?" the host asked. And my boyfriend answered for the both of us, "Hibachi." Ok see, I have never had a Hibachi experience before, but I guess that night had to be the first as it was decided for me. It's funny because just a few days before one of my co-workers was talking to me about the Hibachi dining experience, and I had nothing to say. But now I do.

 I am going to be real honest. It was not my cup of tea. You know, you are seated around a flat grill and the food is cooked in front of you. The preparation of the food is a show and you are watching but then become a spectator as well as a participant. This is what I do not like. The chef was making jokes and trying to get us involved, but the both of us just laughed the whole time uncomfortably. Not a fan of the whole participation thing; call and response, jokes, etc.

And on top of that, I can't say the food was astounding. I really wasn't expecting a masterpiece, but because I was looking forward to the experience, my dreams fell short. I ordered a Hibachi dinner with steak and scallops, while my boyf chose a fillet mignon dinner (fancy). Because they were Hibachi dinners, they came with veggies and noodles roasted up in front of our faces. We also received a shrimp skewer appetizer with our meal. Most of it was a little salty, the meats over-cooked to our taste, and the best part of my dinner (minus the desert) was my lovely little scallops. There was a lot of garlic mixed with a lot of saltiness over everything else. My scallops endured some of the same torture, but scallops in their texture, need all the seasoning to reach deliciousness. The dipping sauces were nice. One was an apple mango mixture, which was cool and sweet. It was paired with one mustardy sauce and another one with a kick.

For desert we had mochi (again-- though this time strawberry, mango aaand green tea flavors) and a "tirimisu cheesecake" that exhibited no cheesecake qualities. Not great, but oh well.
The food was not great, but edible. The experience though uncomfortable was fun and different than our usual dining adventures. The best parts were goofing around and taking pictures with no flash with Joe. Maybe next time I would try the dining section of Teppan, mostly curious for their sushi and other dishes.



NOTE: This post has been curated by my lovely blogger artist friend, Mey. She picked out my clothes, did my hair, makeup, took the pictures, wrote the words and chose (loosely) which photos to use... hope you enjoy the change of pace. xx.

Randi was brave and let her crazy artsy friend (me) do her up today.

She was a little hesitant at first about the whole shindig but I think it was a good turn out. I was in love with her short little black leather skirt and paired it with a light weight top for a change in texture. Then I thought a classy little bun would be a great finish but Ms.Randi felt a little too school teacher, also I cut the bangs to a slickery straight across cut which we have been seeing on the run ways as if late. Well here is the end effect, hope y'all like it...

Love Mey
This is MEY

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