RED-y set GO...

For some reason, as of late, I have found myself attracted to red. It is so strange. All these little pockets of red in my life. This outfit, is a general go to (well the skirt and the shirt, I have not worn the shoes once since I bought them in London over a year ago), but I have not worn the red skirt the whole entire summer I am pretty sure. I wore red pants, red shoes and now this... Oh dear. For some reason, red is beginning to remind me of fall, the burn out of the summer. The falling leaves (that have yet to start falling thank goodness), the deeper red nail colors ("wicked" by essie as my mother notes), and new clothes. All of this is fine, but I am sure I have already worn most all the red clothing I own, other than maybe a skirt or random top. We shall see what other colors become fixtures and fascinations for me in the coming weeks...

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  1. loves it. highwaist is a good look for you, accentuates your hourglass figure


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