Ruby Slippers...

On what was an impromptu early morning (well earlier than I wanted it to be) shopping trip, I spotted these beauteous "burgundy" patent leather pumps. I prefer to call them ruby slippers for obvious reasons. Mostly the fact that when I was younger I used to introduce myself as Dorothy, and when people would remark to my mother implying that they thought my name was Randi, my mother would say that Dorothy is my African name (HILARIOUS). But I digress. My inner Dorothy and outter shopaholic neeeeded these shoes. I had been looking to buy shoes, any shoes for a while, so I thought this was the perfect occasion to indulge. So that I did. And I am severely happy I did.

 Who doesn't want grown and sexy ruby slippers?


  1. sexxxaayyy love it! think the blouse and shoes go perfect together

  2. Wish I was there when you were taking these pictures.

  3. I AM DROOLING OVER THIS OUTFIT. And I believe I heard ruby slippers from a garden gnome standing in line in front of the shanonn...but I'll let you slip away with this one.


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