can't. stop...

Apparently, I can't stop wearing my white jeans. For some strange reason I keep reaching for them with everything, most everyday (though I do not always end up wearing them). The hypothetical time is running out, the traditional cut off date is only days away, but I have a feeling I will be breaking the "rules" the upcoming seasons.

I also dared to put my "new neutral" cheetah pumps on with my almost dangerous white denim, along with my floral patterned bag-turned-clutch. I know, from past attempts, my mix and match endeavors produce interesting results. I kinda liked this test trial. Both patterned pieces are small but because of the tame colors of the rest of the ensemble, they jump out. The common link between the two patterns is black, so I kept them in the same family once again, which keeps the diversity kind of in control. Mi Piace...

We have all learned the rules are becoming obsolete, even Refinery29 tells us so. So let's be bold and continue wearing the white statement pieces...

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