So, I tried my red skinnies, that I have had for ages and bought for like $15 at Pay Half. I moderately remember buying the red denim in flurry of reckless purchases, trying to fit in some newish trend. I hardly ever wore them, never brave enough to bring them out doors, or bold enough to mix them into an ensemble I would usually wear normal blue jeans with. I have been thinking about them though, ever since I bought this Forever21 blouse on Saturday. First of all, I would like to announce, that this shirt is typically not my style. It's square and almost sleeveless, but I had to have it. It just looked so comfortable and adult. I wanted it, especially because it is out of my comfort zone. For some reason, thinking about wearing my new blouse, made me want to push myself all the way, and the red pants popped in my head. The colored pant look has always been interesting to me, bold... now I want some mustardy yellowish ones I saw a little while back.

NOTE: I started taking pictures for this post with my trusty tripod outside, when it decided to rain really hard, hence some of the indoor shots. Eep.



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