After a lovely day-- a failed attempt to go to the movies, failed understanding of Inception, and failure to eat (all of this sounds awful, but with my favorite, it was amazing)-- finally giving into the hunger that was pursuing us the entire day, my boyf and I decided to find food. We have been wary of going out to eat of late, but hunger was calling and we really really needed to pick up the phone. My bf decided we would take a little ride and explore the lively downtown Jersey City area to find food. After driving in circles and parallel parking frustration, we settled on a place on Grove Street called Wild Fusion. My mother mentioned this Asian Fusion restaurant years ago, and I remember seeing it back in the day when I used to help out at the school where my mother works. So we tried it out... and it was pretty delicious.
We started with a sushi roll they called "The Jersey Roll." Inside it hid shrimp tempura and avocado, and was topped with spicy tuna. We both remarked on the combination of the hot and cold ingredients, creating a memorable experience for our mouths. There was also the contradiction of crunch and soft and chewy. Each ingredient added to the contradiction, allowing for a varied textual experience. The spicy tuna on top put in its two cents of spice at the very last moment, right when the insides are almost forgotten. I really enjoyed it.
As another starter (because we were famished) we got a medley of dumplings. There were three different varieties, but the best was deffo the first one we tried, which seemed like a little doughy morsel filled with shrimp goodness. The others were some mystery meat (pork maybe) and a vegetable. These two were not as good but still helped to make our tummies happy.
For an entree, my date had the Wild Fusion short ribs. Those were deffo some short ribs. Each bite had a bone in it, resulting in a tiresome exercise of removing the scant meat off the bone in your mouth. despite the unexpected difficulty, the little ribs were delicious; fried and smoothered in a sweet sticky sauce. These ribs were accompanied by pineapples and onions. The variety in the dish was lovely, though at times it became too sweet, as the pineapple chunks were sweet and so was the sauce. My boyfriend and I both love warm pineapple so that was a real treat.
I ordered some kind of four season dish ( I forgot the exact name), but it came with sauteed scallops, shrimp, beef and chicken along with a whole bunch of different veggies. While Joe's plate was sweet, mine was salty, but not too salty. The surf and turf ingredients played off each other quite well, and the veggies managed to retain their crispness. After a while, though, the saltiness began to overtake the flavors of the other elements of the dish, but thankfully at that point my belly was quite full.
For desert we shared two adorable green tea mochi. I love these frozen goodies, they are such a treat. My favorite was skeptical of the green tea ice cream and the doughy exterior, but in the end I believe he became a believer and a fan. It was a really great dinner to top off a great day! I would go back to Wild Fusion and try different dishes, because they really have an extensive menu!


  1. You described the night perfectly. Kinda want those green tea balls again lol. This weekend we should pick another place in downtown jc. Maybe the Japanese hibachi place? Or anything you want.



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