something to think about...

I really really really want these shoes. I have only been thinking about them for about a week at this stage. In trying to be a good, responsible girl, I have not bought them yet, and I am waiting to see how the coming weeks treat me. I think they would be a lovely reward for my one year anniversary at my current employment... what do you think?



I've been seeing spots, more specifically leopard spots, since I noticed these Dolce Vita booties on a blogger more than a month ago. I made the mistake of clicking the link of where she purchased them, and fell in love instantly. I was trying to be good, since I had a shoe buying rampage in January, but I couldn't help myself. After two weeks of deliberation and dreams of ensembles (this one included), I accidentally ordered the lovelies on Amazon (no, but really, it was an accident). And here they are...  perfectly Spotted.
What animal prints are you lusting for?



the RETURN...

You guessed it! I'm back! I know I went on a hiatus and gave no warning. It deffo has been a while and I am out of practice. Not of getting dressed and buying shoes, but just every routine I ever gotten into since I began my blog. But I am going to come back, and make a come back. Along with the relaunch of my blog, I decided to start another project. Check out my tumblr.
Brace yourself! I'm coming back with a vengeance!