What's black, white and red all over?.... Apparently me. I had forgotten about my red pants for a very long time. The last time I probably wore them was here, but something made me remember them. I have seen a lot of colorful denim these days, though brighter colors and more pastels. Yesterday was not quite a pastel kind of day to me (overcast and rainy), so I felt my muted red pants were appropriate. My nails on the other hand, are bittersweet candy! I have been obsessing over Essie's Geranium since I picked it out for a friend with a very specific outfit in mind. Once I saw it on her, I knew I needed to get it. Now that I have tried it, I can safely say that it will be one of my warm weather favorites (if the warm weather ever really comes).
I'm thinking I need some Geranium colored denim! Where do you find candy colored denim?


the HOUND...

I really really like hound's tooth patterns. It is one of those patterns that can also be treated as a neutral. There is something sophisticated about it, but also very fun and lady-like.  This skirt really makes me feel like an adult. I decided to pair the muted colored hound's tooth skirt, with a bright bright top and equally bright shoes. I feel like I have been wearing this top constantly since I bought it. I have already worn it so many ways, and I can't wait to style it yet another way. Even though it is pretty loud, it has become a staple of my closet. The color makes the skirt even more lively and less stiff (well the shape is still rather constricting :) ).
This hound will deffo hunt again!


see- FOAM

It's been a while. I'm out of practice, and lately it seems, out of inspiration. I have been working a lot, and seeing less. Even shopping has become a chore to me-- I can't find anything. My last shopping adventure, with my patient boyfriend, resulted in nothing, nada, niente... except disappointment. The trip before was a little bit more fruitful, but ended in a return (or two). I did however find this seafoam beauty at Forever21. I was in love. Something about the color speaks to ethereal mermaids and fairy tales. Because of its whimsical nature, I paired it with harsh black and white horizontals and my edgy new JC's that I was dreaming about months ago. This brought the pretty foam back to reality... almost.
I can't wait to try the maxi in different ways... Bring on the summer!



something to think about...

I really really really want these shoes. I have only been thinking about them for about a week at this stage. In trying to be a good, responsible girl, I have not bought them yet, and I am waiting to see how the coming weeks treat me. I think they would be a lovely reward for my one year anniversary at my current employment... what do you think?



I've been seeing spots, more specifically leopard spots, since I noticed these Dolce Vita booties on a blogger more than a month ago. I made the mistake of clicking the link of where she purchased them, and fell in love instantly. I was trying to be good, since I had a shoe buying rampage in January, but I couldn't help myself. After two weeks of deliberation and dreams of ensembles (this one included), I accidentally ordered the lovelies on Amazon (no, but really, it was an accident). And here they are...  perfectly Spotted.
What animal prints are you lusting for?



the RETURN...

You guessed it! I'm back! I know I went on a hiatus and gave no warning. It deffo has been a while and I am out of practice. Not of getting dressed and buying shoes, but just every routine I ever gotten into since I began my blog. But I am going to come back, and make a come back. Along with the relaunch of my blog, I decided to start another project. Check out my tumblr.
Brace yourself! I'm coming back with a vengeance!



Something about my black faux fur jacket screams groupie to me. I am not sure what it is... maybe it is the size, the shape and the color. But sometimes, it is these things that hold me back from wearing this furry coat. I bought it in London from H&M probably ages ago ( I have no clue), and found myself too timid to wear it. Afraid the shape was too boxy, I kind of put it away for moments that I felt particularly daring, or wearing incredibly high heels (for some reason I thought it helped). So, I dared to try it again...this time with some pattern, splashes of color....and a groupie attitude.
How do you wear your "fur" coats or combat the potential for the boxy shape?




Not bruised, just black and blue really. I turn to this sweater dress when I am looking for ease and comfort. In fact I wore it for my double shift at work yesterday. I love how easy this little cuddly number is to dress up or dress down, pair it with booties or flats or over the knee boots, it is always kinda sexy. Adding a belt, to me adds sexiness and gives the sweater dress a nice shape. My boyf likes to believe that the dress is not really a full dress, but just a sweater, but with tights, it can be whatever I want it to be!
What do you put on to be moderately comfortable and moderately stylish at the same time?



THRILL of the CHASE...

Sigh. So this is another pair of shoes from my recent shoe spree. With these, it was partially about the thrill of the chase and the other part is the mere attractiveness (read sex appeal) of the shoe. I found these hotties to be a little bit out of my shoe comfort zone. 1. They are from Aldo (have a hard time with sizing) 2. They are loafers (with a tassel ... fancy that) 3. They are beyond impractical even for me... but the aesthetics of the shoe drew me in. Buut they didn't have the shoe in the size I needed. Of course I tried on the wayy wrong size just to see, and, per usual, I was enamored. I had  to have them. So, in desperation and infatuation, I order them and am promised the beauties in 3 to 5 business days. I get the call, come to the store in my next free moment, and the shoes were the wrong size. Ugh. I know it is pretty lame, but I was so disappointed (even though my two other new pairs of shoes came that day). Once again I ordered the shoes,  was made the same promise, and held my breath in anticipation. Tuesday, I got the call that the shoes were in, and basically flew out of the door to get them. And they fit and they are beautiful... and in conclusion... it was all worth the chase.
How far are you willing to chase for that piece you're dying for? How long will you wait?


Here is a little sneak peak of what is to come tomorrow! Stay tuned...


DOTS & sparkle...

Having been less than inspired by clothes, once again... I have come up with an ensemble that I would not define as "Typical Randi," but at the same time I feel like that may be changing. I asked my friend what to wear, and she suggested I put all my clothes on my bed, and pick pieces that way. I giggled, imagining the mess my room would become (even bigger than it is now) if I were to do that. But I took the concept, and kind of chose blindly, choosing a skirt that had fallen off a hanger and  sweater that was not put away yet. I actually really like the combination featuring my polka dotted skirt and one of my favorite glitter sweaters. Who doesn't like dots and sparkle...
How do you chose your clothes when inspiration hasn't hit?