THRILL of the CHASE...

Sigh. So this is another pair of shoes from my recent shoe spree. With these, it was partially about the thrill of the chase and the other part is the mere attractiveness (read sex appeal) of the shoe. I found these hotties to be a little bit out of my shoe comfort zone. 1. They are from Aldo (have a hard time with sizing) 2. They are loafers (with a tassel ... fancy that) 3. They are beyond impractical even for me... but the aesthetics of the shoe drew me in. Buut they didn't have the shoe in the size I needed. Of course I tried on the wayy wrong size just to see, and, per usual, I was enamored. I had  to have them. So, in desperation and infatuation, I order them and am promised the beauties in 3 to 5 business days. I get the call, come to the store in my next free moment, and the shoes were the wrong size. Ugh. I know it is pretty lame, but I was so disappointed (even though my two other new pairs of shoes came that day). Once again I ordered the shoes,  was made the same promise, and held my breath in anticipation. Tuesday, I got the call that the shoes were in, and basically flew out of the door to get them. And they fit and they are beautiful... and in conclusion... it was all worth the chase.
How far are you willing to chase for that piece you're dying for? How long will you wait?

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