coffee heath bar CRUNCH...

So as of late, I have been an ice cream fiend. Literally. All I want is ice cream. Maybe it is my way of showing disrespect or disregard of the winter season (just like I do by wearing skirts and not enough jacket), but really ice cream is what I have been craving most. And one of my favorite flavors ever, Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, is harder to come by than I would like. My boyfriend and I stopped in a couple of stores on our quest for it, and the other day had to settle for other flavors. Something about Coffee Heath Bar Crunch that is just perfect...
The colors in what I am wearing automatically make me think of my favorite ice cream-- browns, blacks and deliciousness. Also the smooth layers of my skirt, and the crunch texture of my tapestry boots.
It makes me want some Coffee Heath Bar Crunch now. Never too early for ice cream...

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