So. It's a new year, so that calls for new things right? Of course I would say Duuuh! because I like to go shopping and play with new toys and clothes. But that is not the only thing I mean (I guess). New Year's resolutions are all chosen, and plans to execute them are prepped, all ready for the new. People always say a new year means a time for change, reevaluation, and revision. I plan to do that, eventually, make new opportunities and try new things. But for now, my new is... new shoes.
While on a shopping adventure, almost specifically for my boyfriend (he had to buy sneakers and things), I announced I wanted shoes (per usual). So this shopping trip turned into a shoe hunt, but we all got what we wanted. He got sneakers (practical) and I got heels (not so practical).
Starting the year off right with shoes that are impractical and fun...what was your first purchase of the new year?

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