About Me

I work and play in NYC.

Wear heels, when I know, deep down, I really shouldn’t. Dress up and go all out, even if I am the only one that does.

Peruse stores and people.

Read art history books, though I think I look more at the pictures than read, making up my own words as I go along.

Quiet museums and galleries, filled with extinct artists or posh pretension.

Eat good food, and bad food, most of the time it’s all about the company, and experiencing the food together.

Bake cookies and cakes and pies and sweet things, but I’m pretty sure I like to eat them more.

I would say, my priorities are a bit skewed, as they generally are (in no particular order) shoes, paintings and sweet things. Currently my life is dedicated to satiating these “harmless” addictions, savoring what I see, taste, and wear. Relishing them.

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