see- FOAM

It's been a while. I'm out of practice, and lately it seems, out of inspiration. I have been working a lot, and seeing less. Even shopping has become a chore to me-- I can't find anything. My last shopping adventure, with my patient boyfriend, resulted in nothing, nada, niente... except disappointment. The trip before was a little bit more fruitful, but ended in a return (or two). I did however find this seafoam beauty at Forever21. I was in love. Something about the color speaks to ethereal mermaids and fairy tales. Because of its whimsical nature, I paired it with harsh black and white horizontals and my edgy new JC's that I was dreaming about months ago. This brought the pretty foam back to reality... almost.
I can't wait to try the maxi in different ways... Bring on the summer!


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