My sister (who finally gave in to taking pictures for me) and I were jamming out to "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 all dayyy loooonggg yesterday... It was on z100 like 40 times and 92.3 Now even more times, so by 3 pm it was deffo stuck in our heads. We found ourselves singing to it taking pictures yesterday, when my sister interrupted our banter and said "Your outfit is like a mullet..." Of course I was not entirely sure what she meant at first but then she went on to explain, "Business on top and .... um... eehh. Party on the bottom... no no no no Trailer Trash on the bottom." Pretty clever, and hilarious. I guess it is something in the patent leather pumps and the daisy dukes that turns the outfit into a partay, but I really like the dichotomy. 
This blue blazer is a recent acquisition (though cost me a very special umbrella) that is bound to be a fall favorite. I have been wanting a blue blazer for ages and finally found one I really liked. My patent leather pumps hardly ever see the light of day, because I have been trying to get them to the point of being moderately comfortable by vacuuming in my house and playing dress up in them. But they are very cute and can go from one spectrum to the very other, so I'm deffo trying to break them in enough to go party in.
 See the problem with my beloved sister taking my photos is that with the two of us together silliness always ensues...
I don't need to try to control you
But this time it did not stop with silly faces, it deteriorated to dancing... Showing off some Jagger Swagger.
Look into my eyes and I'll own you
I've got the moves like Jagger
I hope my sistie takes pictures for me again so we can have another dance party....



"@hurriicaneirene after blowing the whole east coast i guess you can call me a whoricane"
Instead of letting Hurricane Irene get me down, I took the opportunity to use my mandatory indoor time to engage in some activities I have neglected in late. These inside activities included: reckless baking, dyi manicures, reading and tidying. I got to capture some Irene moments, while enjoying home made choco-chip cookies and chuckling with my sister. The rain pounded on our skylights for over 12 hours, causing minor leaks and flooding in our baby brown stone and on the streets of Hoboken. Wind pushed the trees to dance awkwardly, forcing some down to the ground. The mechanical drone of the sump pump is still stuck in my ears. I get very scared during regular thunder storms, so Hurricane Irene made me even more nervous. I am glad that that the aftermath of Irene is not as bad as it could have been. Hope everyone is safe and ok!



The heat is dying down, and August is waning. Where did the summer go? Though in the midst of natural disasters (earthquake on the east coast and a hurricane a comin'), the natural disaster that is summer is coming to an end. It is getting mild enough to wear pants in the daytime, and want a little more at night. I love this kind of weather, warm during the day in the sun and cooler evening times. It is just so pleasant not to be sticky and uncomfortable.

I was able to bust out the white denim again today, trying to get them in before that fateful cut off date. The crisp combination of the white and navy (Hollister beach sweater from my hco days) reminds me of summer. The nautical but also the transitional, the movements into and out of summer. And I put on a pair of wedges I didn't wear at all this summer, though I lusted after them so intensely last summer in the UK. Yet another pair of shoes I searched for far and wide and finally won. These are from Dune, not quite in the color I initially drooled over, but well worth the price. They were on sale and I magically was able to find them in my size after trying most every Dune in a 15 kilometre radius. My accessories are new and I love their glittery, festive, over-the-top appeal along with my hot pink nails (one of the last time I will wear brights I suppose, before the fall colors take command).

I was perfectly content leaving the house in my denim today. If only the weather would be so perfect every day!



For some reason, every time I wear this dress, I feel like a grandma. Maybe it is the sheer long sleeves, or the closure in the back, or the higher neckline....I just feel like a grandma. Or the shape, or even the layer of the sheer fabric with the flowers on it... Maybe even it is the combo of the simple floral black dress and the white/tan espadrille wedges....I don't know, whatever it is, I felt like a grandma when I wore it (though I was compared to Beyonce twice as feeble attempts to attract my attention). My sister and I made a trip into the city to get our two laptops looked at at the Mac Store on West 14th street. I wanted to wear something comfortable, breezy and okay to wear heels with. This was my solution. We were also running late so this dress is an easy answer.
It is such a sweet little dress, that I can just throw on (which some days I can really appreciate). It's just another summer floral that is so ready to make the transition into fall.



Saturday, despite the less than pleasant weather (wind at high speeds and an overcast skies), my boyfriend and I took a lovely little walk. We were heading to the mall and instead of taking the lightrail, we decided to follow the newish walkway along the waterfront. It is a lovely view of Manhattan from my side of the Hudson. We spent time identifying buildings and laughing at the skyline. I was lucky to have my fav photographer with me, and an outfit I spent time thinking about...

I have been very bored with my clothes. Even though I have been to Forever21 twice in the last week, I still have not been satisfied with getting dressed each morning. Trying to mix up what I already have is proving to be time consuming and difficult because all I want to do is wear a piece with what is easy and familiar. But this makes things boring. Usually I would wear this skirt, that I got more than a year ago in San Fransisco visiting my good friend Samantha, with a plain black scoop back shirt. Instead I tried to mix it up with a shirt/dress tucked in with buttons. I also brought out these black booties I have not worn since the spring time. They received a bunch of compliments, as usual.

I also think this kind of indecision and dissatisfaction and lust for adventure, comes with the change of season. New season's clothes are coming into the stores, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures falling... change. I am ready for the transition and the tights... Bring on the Autumn!



Sometimes, life can come across to be a little lopsided, unbalanced, asymmetrical, one-sided... but in the end things turn out how they are supposed to be (at least that's what we hope for). Yesterday, I started out my day one-sided on purpose. The night before I decided to get creative, so I started a project too late after a great evening. It was deffo an aesthetic adventure inspired by trying on a variety of different hairstyles at work during a slow morning. It was fun, but led to an urgent desire for change. So, of course, near midnight, I indulged in this longing... and cut some hair.
so doofy-- my photographer makes me smile :)

Even though I occasionally (or maybe more than occasionally evidenced in my frequent hair style and color changes and even more frequent shopping trips) need change (by need I really mean dream of, and by change I mean more practically, impulse decisions). I get really anxious about showcasing these new things. Whenever I wear new clothes or a new hairdo a flurry of nerves hit, until confirmation is received (usually from myself).
not sure what is going on here
Yesterday though, I went all out. I put on some earrings I never wore before as they are more dangley than I am used too. New lip liner, purchased that day at work (ricky'snyc= danger). I wore a new shirt (well new as in unworn since it was purchased a few months ago). I love the top from Forever21 but could not figure out for the life of me how to wear it anywhere except the club. I ended up wearing it to work, pairing the asymmetrical blouse with my diy asymmetrical blonde hair.
It was a day full of changes and lopsidedness, but it ended up being super great!!



For some reason I am extremely attracted to this print, and this shirt. It really gets me going, and it has become my go-to top of choice. It's light, easy, and neutral in color, but dramatic in pattern. Like, honestly, I want to wear it all the time. I have already paired it with skirts and jeans, and am slightly excited for the fall and winter weather to put it with opaque tights and heels. With the heat and the humidity, the large armholes and the kind of fabric, keep me easy and breezy.

Don't be surprised if this shirt comes up again soon... I can't stop putting it together with other pieces. What a versatile goody!