Saturday, despite the less than pleasant weather (wind at high speeds and an overcast skies), my boyfriend and I took a lovely little walk. We were heading to the mall and instead of taking the lightrail, we decided to follow the newish walkway along the waterfront. It is a lovely view of Manhattan from my side of the Hudson. We spent time identifying buildings and laughing at the skyline. I was lucky to have my fav photographer with me, and an outfit I spent time thinking about...

I have been very bored with my clothes. Even though I have been to Forever21 twice in the last week, I still have not been satisfied with getting dressed each morning. Trying to mix up what I already have is proving to be time consuming and difficult because all I want to do is wear a piece with what is easy and familiar. But this makes things boring. Usually I would wear this skirt, that I got more than a year ago in San Fransisco visiting my good friend Samantha, with a plain black scoop back shirt. Instead I tried to mix it up with a shirt/dress tucked in with buttons. I also brought out these black booties I have not worn since the spring time. They received a bunch of compliments, as usual.

I also think this kind of indecision and dissatisfaction and lust for adventure, comes with the change of season. New season's clothes are coming into the stores, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures falling... change. I am ready for the transition and the tights... Bring on the Autumn!


  1. cute outfit! bring on the tights and knee high socks, lol! can't wait!


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