It has been unspeakably hot the last couple of weeks, as most of the country has been struggling through heat waves. Although the heat has subsided for now, at the hottest temperatures, it was always difficult to figure out something to wear that would keep me cool and would still be socially appropriate and acceptable. I was at the point where I did not want to go outside, but I had to, and nothing I would usually wear kept me cool enough. So, I got semi creative. I transformed a peasant skirt (I know... I can't even recall what I was thinking when I purchased it years ago... so not "Randi") into a nice summer dress to try to beat the heat. I say semi creative because the only other times (all two times) I put this skirt into action, it has been the same way, but I would say that it's about once a summer. I showed my mom the skirt both ways (dress and skirt). We decided it would make a nice skirt but had no idea what kind of top to wear on that hot summer day, so I pulled it up and belted it to run my errands (that is only an expression, because I deffo did not run anywhere that day). Behold Dress!

I am going to be real honest, it was a good option and maybe my most p(l)easant (get it?) option for the scorcher, but I was still uncomfortably hot and moving slowly. I think that for that particular day, there was no solution, no matter how creative...

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