Sometimes, life can come across to be a little lopsided, unbalanced, asymmetrical, one-sided... but in the end things turn out how they are supposed to be (at least that's what we hope for). Yesterday, I started out my day one-sided on purpose. The night before I decided to get creative, so I started a project too late after a great evening. It was deffo an aesthetic adventure inspired by trying on a variety of different hairstyles at work during a slow morning. It was fun, but led to an urgent desire for change. So, of course, near midnight, I indulged in this longing... and cut some hair.
so doofy-- my photographer makes me smile :)

Even though I occasionally (or maybe more than occasionally evidenced in my frequent hair style and color changes and even more frequent shopping trips) need change (by need I really mean dream of, and by change I mean more practically, impulse decisions). I get really anxious about showcasing these new things. Whenever I wear new clothes or a new hairdo a flurry of nerves hit, until confirmation is received (usually from myself).
not sure what is going on here
Yesterday though, I went all out. I put on some earrings I never wore before as they are more dangley than I am used too. New lip liner, purchased that day at work (ricky'snyc= danger). I wore a new shirt (well new as in unworn since it was purchased a few months ago). I love the top from Forever21 but could not figure out for the life of me how to wear it anywhere except the club. I ended up wearing it to work, pairing the asymmetrical blouse with my diy asymmetrical blonde hair.
It was a day full of changes and lopsidedness, but it ended up being super great!!

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