For some reason, every time I wear this dress, I feel like a grandma. Maybe it is the sheer long sleeves, or the closure in the back, or the higher neckline....I just feel like a grandma. Or the shape, or even the layer of the sheer fabric with the flowers on it... Maybe even it is the combo of the simple floral black dress and the white/tan espadrille wedges....I don't know, whatever it is, I felt like a grandma when I wore it (though I was compared to Beyonce twice as feeble attempts to attract my attention). My sister and I made a trip into the city to get our two laptops looked at at the Mac Store on West 14th street. I wanted to wear something comfortable, breezy and okay to wear heels with. This was my solution. We were also running late so this dress is an easy answer.
It is such a sweet little dress, that I can just throw on (which some days I can really appreciate). It's just another summer floral that is so ready to make the transition into fall.

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  1. i like it so cute!!!...but that belt...really randi...put it away.


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