"@hurriicaneirene after blowing the whole east coast i guess you can call me a whoricane"
Instead of letting Hurricane Irene get me down, I took the opportunity to use my mandatory indoor time to engage in some activities I have neglected in late. These inside activities included: reckless baking, dyi manicures, reading and tidying. I got to capture some Irene moments, while enjoying home made choco-chip cookies and chuckling with my sister. The rain pounded on our skylights for over 12 hours, causing minor leaks and flooding in our baby brown stone and on the streets of Hoboken. Wind pushed the trees to dance awkwardly, forcing some down to the ground. The mechanical drone of the sump pump is still stuck in my ears. I get very scared during regular thunder storms, so Hurricane Irene made me even more nervous. I am glad that that the aftermath of Irene is not as bad as it could have been. Hope everyone is safe and ok!

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