The heat is dying down, and August is waning. Where did the summer go? Though in the midst of natural disasters (earthquake on the east coast and a hurricane a comin'), the natural disaster that is summer is coming to an end. It is getting mild enough to wear pants in the daytime, and want a little more at night. I love this kind of weather, warm during the day in the sun and cooler evening times. It is just so pleasant not to be sticky and uncomfortable.

I was able to bust out the white denim again today, trying to get them in before that fateful cut off date. The crisp combination of the white and navy (Hollister beach sweater from my hco days) reminds me of summer. The nautical but also the transitional, the movements into and out of summer. And I put on a pair of wedges I didn't wear at all this summer, though I lusted after them so intensely last summer in the UK. Yet another pair of shoes I searched for far and wide and finally won. These are from Dune, not quite in the color I initially drooled over, but well worth the price. They were on sale and I magically was able to find them in my size after trying most every Dune in a 15 kilometre radius. My accessories are new and I love their glittery, festive, over-the-top appeal along with my hot pink nails (one of the last time I will wear brights I suppose, before the fall colors take command).

I was perfectly content leaving the house in my denim today. If only the weather would be so perfect every day!

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  1. You look soo happy and lovely. Glad I got to see you that day. I love how you write about your clothes and accessorie choices. The word selections are so perfect and the detailed descrptions are even better.


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