It was another hot day in the neighborhood yesterday... not nearly as humid and treacherous as the previous, but pretty uncomfortably close. It stormed for approx. four seconds right after I took these pictures.
I bought this summer dress on a shopping adventure earlier this week. I meandered through Forever21 per usual, and kept finding myself attracted to floral on a black ground (I am up to three dresses like that... remember this one?). This dress is a little more structured than I like, esp from Forever, only because they don't generally fit me correctly. But the pretty and delicate back cut out, as well as the button details, and the fact that it is a dress (one piece--nice and easy) made me buy it and wear it almost immediately.
doofy face
I have to cover my shoulders and such at work, and with the temperatures rising awfully quickly this summer, the dresses are getting more and more open just like my new lovely little dress. To make it appropriate and acceptable, I made it convertible. I added a Primark favorite of mine (a Chambray impostor), and tied it at the waist to add a little... Randizzle

How do you bring summer dresses and attire to the workplace?

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  1. So at first I wasn't sure if I was even allowed to wear a summer dress or bright colors at work. Working in a hospital, there is an unspoken dresscode, and generally no one will say anything to your face about what you wear but it will come out later if it was unprofessional. When I arrived on the floor I noticed so many female residents (docs in training), wearing dresses and colorful patterns. And I don't mean frumpy grandma dresses either. Sexy yet not club-ready, totally appropriate yet pushing it...just a little. So I decided to wear a belted dress one day, not figure hugging because I have impossible hips and I didn't want to go there on my first attempt, haha. I received so many complements. I instantly felt better about dresses and colorful prints at work. I started breaking out flower printed skirts and electric colored tops. Though I will say I've been working with pediatricians and I also rocked a hello kitty name badge (gifted by Miss Roberts) that everyone went gaga over. So this laxity may be a product of the peds culture. Will give update for the adult side...


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