Secret Garden...

1.Yesterday was severely hot.

2. Yesterday it was so hot, I wished I didn't have to walk to anywhere, but the light rail station. Now, that I knew was well worth the excursion.
3. Yesterday was so hot, I wished I didn't have to wear clothes, but I did. You know, because I had to leave the house, minor. So, I wore this...
What I am not beginning to call my Secret Garden dress, because of the lovely floral print, and its coolness despite the black color. I have been wanting to and wearing this dress constantly since I was given sundress money and made this purchase. I think its a sweet dress with flowers and ruffles, that could either be made more edgy or even dressed up or down or made even more girley. I love its versatility... I can just imagine in the fall with fishnets and a leather jacket, or when it gets even hotter (ugh) with sandals sans belt.

I threw on my usual belt (it's getting tired) as well as some borrowed beauties (aka my wrist jewelry)-- a delicate gold watch and pretty bracelets, including a rose gold bangle. I also decided to repaint my nails the same Mattese "French White" varnish I had on the whole weekend.
 4. Yesterday was so hot, it makes me lust for thin fabrics and light colors, fabulous sun dresses and luxurious maxi dresses and skirts.... where do you suggest I continue my search?

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  1. I like the dress a lot. It looks beautiful on you.


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