Summer Hunting...

Summer time in the city! (also in my backyard). It has been getting hot and sticky like the concrete jungle we all know so well in the summer time. I love the sunshine and the warmth, but I could do without the humidity and the overload of hot bodies (literally, not the figurative and aesthetic kind). Even Hoboken has been swarming with residents and visitors alike. It's summer time like I said.
I have been trying to beat the heat while giving my legs some sun action, in these little not-so-new-anymore shorts. These Forever21 staple shorts have become a favorite fast, making getting dressed easier and more sophisticated.
My neutral (legit neutral) shoes played up the city safari ensemble. And I also, tried to put on accessories, which is always difficult for me. My room is such a vacuum where everything vanishes (if I had any jewelry in the first place). So I took a mini safari into my sister's room to see if she has any goodies. I ended up with a couple, including an earring for a bangle (yup, I did that).
Is that a wild boar? No it's actually a group of tourists... Well I've gone hunting.
 What do you wear to beat the heat... and the tourists?

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