I wore this ensemble yesterday to return some clothes to my second favorite H&M on 34th St in the City. I always feel a little uncomfortable wearing pieces that are obviously from the store I am in. This time was blatantly obvious. Some times in H&M or Forever21 if you are wearing some neutral colored staple or indistinguishable black separate, you can slide through unnoticed. But on my adventure, I was wearing a print, that happens to be everywhere in the store currently. Waiting on line, I saw people walking around with the same dress/shirt I was wearing, or other items with the same exact print. Eep. At least I felt a little ahead of the curve (I got this dress/shirt last Monday).

I paired my new dress with... my JC babies, a favorite belt, and a forgotten bag.

Also some hot pink highlight clip-ins... I think they are so fun! Also, when I was in H&M some of the mannequins had neon highlights as well. This is my kind of stand-in for the ever popular feather extensions.

NOTE: A couple of things. I used a tripod to capture these images and I am still not good at it, hence the cut-off body parts. Also, because I had to use a tripod, I decided to take photos where I was most comfortable, my (parents) house. This post gives a little peek into my house. I really love the way my parents decorated and made the baby brownstone their own. I only hope I am lucky enough to create my own space as they have. Reviewing my pictures, I could not tell if they were featuring the outfit or the decor and coloring of our (their) home. The house holds rich colors, art and antiques. Maybe it is just because I grew up here, but I feel like the mixture is ideal and can't imagine it any other way. I need to marry a footballer so I can buy the house off my parents.

What do you think of summer prints and the creative hair extension trends?


  1. I really like the way the pictures came out in this post. You look so beautiful like always.

  2. Yeah,
    the house does look pretty nice (smiles)
    How come this site doesn't let me comment as myself (Karol)?


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