So, I know I am behind on the times. Mixing patterns has been 'in' for a while, but I could not get the courage to do it. I would look at it and think that it was cute, but deep down in my heart, knew I could not pull it off. But the other day, the gloomy weather and a long wait (ahem), inspired me to try something different.
Result.... mixing stripes and florals. I really wanted to try the striped shirt with my beloved duck skirt, but my father informed me that the combo was moderately offensive. So I tried this black floral skirt that I got in a Primark in London, with my fav striped shirt. After putting on the combo I added my brown summer heels, as I described them to a friend the other day. The outfie deffo didn't feel like early summer, but neither did the day...

My summer brite nail polish picked up my mood and added a more summery feel. Though, I feel that the black stripes on the white ground is open and not heavy, and the pretty flowers on the skirt speak spring and sunshine.

I am still not sure I have the talent necessary to coordinate two completely different patterns... I might make a second attempt. Suggestions?


  1. Nice, I really like this outfit.

  2. I'm not very good at mixing patterns but I attempted a stripe shirt with polka dot booties recently


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