Pop 'n' Neutral...

So. I just realized something a few days back... I never wear accessories; necklaces, bracelets, earrings. I do wear purses out of necessity, but they are not as important to me as they once were. I used to spend all my time and money dreaming of designer bags. LV, fendi, dior... oh my. I may or may not be passed the dreaming part, but I am deffo past the spending money part.

This epiphany occurred when I was tidying my room, and I came across these earrings I purchased who knows how long ago. They happen to be my largest and loudest (and heaviest...unfortunately) earrings I own. I feel like I bought them at a time when I thought "Hey, I can wear large loud earrings too." It was deffo a short lived phase. I saw them mixed in with other pieces of jewelry I forgot about, and once I laid eyes on them, I knew I had to try to wear them. So, I coordinated an outfit to go with them. They became my pop of color to an almost typical work day outfit...

I was also told by my younger sister, who read something somewhere, that Diane von Furstenberg has declared Cheetah is now a neutral (I am still working on finding the source). This transforms a print, a festive print, into a solid, and better yet, a staple color. I still think that this specific animal print is not completely appropriate in all the same environments that neutrals are accepted. Hmmm....
 Though, this means I get to wear my cheetah print shoes with no shame.

my pop of color and new "neutral"

 What do you think? Can Cheetah be considered a neutral?



  1. Hey, I want those shoes. They look great with jeans!

  2. Love the shoes!

  3. Oh and I don't know if I consider it a neutral. It definitely works with your outfit but I can't see myself wearing them to work or some places.


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