Repeat Offender...

So. Memorial Day, my family and I went out for brunch at one of my favorite diners (note: I love love love greasy spoon diners....mmm jersey). My parents and I had the privilege, once again (and again) to be graced with my sister's presence for an impromptu visit.
sister sister shots

So it was the perfect time for the family to get together and do one of our favorite activities... eat! It was hot, and we were in a rush, so I put on a dress that I tend to wear when I feel there are no other options. I had been looking for a double breasted dress, something that looked like the little trench I have that I enjoy so much, and after searching for a while, I found it. I happen to really like it and I know my parents do as well. My dad says "That dress again?!?... I'm only kidding." It was well worth the 30 bucks at Forever21 (steep). Repeat offender.

I also put on my new cheapy sandals! They are so cute and festive, but they are a little too flat. So I can only wear them for short periods of time...

My sunglasses are also repeat offenders. Remember my first pair of sunnies? Well... One day, I was wearing them, my sister interjected that they looked borderline ridiculous with the outfit I had on, so I went and bought them in another pattern. I really like the shape. Sunglasses are hard things for me, so I had to duplicate...
All in all, brunch was a lovely addition to an already full weekend.


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