Just because the summer solstice just passed us by, does not mean we are guaranteed summer warm weather. Like most of us, the weather can be temperamental even with the longest day of the year right behind us. Friday, I found myself both warm and cold. It was humid and sticky but there was an odd chill in the air.
This ambivalent weather forecast enabled me to wear some things that have not made it outdoors in quite some time. My poor little heeled combat boots saw the light of day for the first time in a while. Not only because of my 6 hour shifts were they in hiding, but because of the sunshine and summer heat. My little half a jean jacket was receiving similar treatment, or it was used as my just in case protection (cold or rain or an extra pocket). I'm glad though, that I got to mix it up, and bring out some of my favorites.
We see what's in store for the weather this week!

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