Call me what you want... nerd, geek, dweeb...It's fine, I am all of the above. I have this odd fascination for the most random things, especially in my movie and television selections. As you all saw before I am a sucker for period dramas but I also get too involved the action movies based on graphic novels (Xmen, Iron Man, Priest... the list goes on).
I decided to wear one of my favorite tees, my loved and worn Forever21 Wolverine shirt. I was over prepared and wore it when the Wolverine movie came out a couple years ago. Yup, I'm corny. I feel like it was in fact purchased for that specific movie going event, but it incorporated itself into my wardrobe as a less dressed-up solution.
did I hear someone calling for help....?!?!
I paired it with my summer white blazer and my "neutral" cheetah print pumps, and a large earring (yes, singular...I couldn't find the other one).
waiting for the surprise attack
Along with my new super glittery Butter London nail varnish called "West End Wonderland." It is beautiful. So sparkly and lovely. I once again opened the order from the British company, and in the small box were newer colors; two glittery ones and two less exciting summer shades. My heart was set on this golden glitter wonderland at that moment.
Who said we all can't be Super Heroes?

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