And Again...

I'm afraid this keeps happening to me.
1. striped skirt.... for some reason, I keep wanting to wear this striped skirt. I keep imagining it with old and new tops, colors and shapes... As a result I keep wearing it. The shirt I really wanted to wear it with yesterday is against the company look policy (it is a tank top). I would need a sweater or something to cover my shoulders... alas. So yesterday I wore it with this borderline boring white tee. I liked that it falls off the shoulders for a romantic look, which kinda goes against the harsh horizontals on the skirt.

2. nail polish... I still can't resist the lure of nail polish in Ricky's, especially when I cut open the boxes of the new shipments. Essie's Brazillant summer line came into our store a little while ago, and I could not tear my eyes away. So I recently decided to buy one of the colors featured in the line. I picked "A Shore Thing," which is a light seafoam color. It is pretty pale. I would say it is between Essie's "Mint Candy Apple," and a cool cream color with a touch of grey. There is a hint of color, making it a trending summer pastel.
3. brown and black... Easy. In the rarely used bag that is becoming frequently used. My mother said to me when I tried to wear it in the winter, because of the dark colors, that it was a spring/summer bag because of the basket weave quality. My brown belt and black and white striped skirt. As well as my repeat offender dress, which will probs be repeated this week for an interviewish.
excuse the blurriness... its deffo my fav of the day
4. hair.... I'm blonde. 'Nuff Said.
I wonder if Blonds do have more fun... you know, as the saying goes...

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  1. i love it and you look mad skinny! jeals!


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