PINKproject: II+ III...

Wednesday I was unable to take too many pictures, but day two of PINKproject, included a forgotten black sweater and my lace up boots. We had a nice family dinner which included cousins that I hardly see. So it was nice to see them. I also made them aware the day before that I was working on a blog project, so they all were expecting the PINK skirt.
 Thursday, I mixed lacy patterned tights, with a sweatshirt like tee with my PINK skirt, to continue the project. I switched up some of my accessories (belt and arm party) and went back to the heeled booties. My grandmother told me about her patterend tights, and how she likes to wear them during the holidays. I have to agree, they do make an outfit look more festive and fun.
One more look to go... I'm going to tell you. It is getting harder and harder to wear this PINK skirt again. Once I get home, I am going to have to give this favorite of mine a rest!

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