PINKproject: I...

So, I am on a little family trip for a few days to the "great" midwestern city of Milwaukee, where my mother is from, and I thought to make packing and dressing more interesting, I would wear the same piece every day. I chose one of my favorite skirts, my PINK one, as the piece that I would wear everyday, styled different ways. Hence, the PINK project. This makes packing both easier and more difficult, but perhaps more spatially more efficient. I am really excited to try this out and hopefully I can make it the few days (especially since I didn't bring another bottom...eep).
This is my first look. Black slouchy tee (my sister's), PINK skirt, belt, underworn "fur" vest and black booties... It felt a little Hannah Montana, fur vest, pink pleated skirt and all, but it is fun and festive.
Stay tuned for more PINK project looks....

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