a YEAR in Review...

As we all can tell, by holidays coming and our calendars getting thinner, another year has almost escaped us, and a new one is about to begin. This year has been an interesting one to say the least. It has been exciting, scary, challenging, difficult, different, rewarding... all at the same time. I have taken on challenges and done things that I never expected I would.

I also started, maintained (ish) and stuck with my biggest endeavor of the year...this blog! I started it, not on a whim, but out of a kind of necessity. And to my shock and amazement, I kept it up (I have bad tenancies...other than impulse buying). The feedback I have been receiving has inspired me to keep going. Even for having little to no expectations, the feedback and comments have way exceeded them. I really appreciate the people who take the time to check out my posts and comment and share. Thanks!
Here are a few of my favorite photos, moments and outfits of the year.
I am really looking forward to the new year, new endeavors and new projects, cause hopefully there will be many. It's going to be a good one!!

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