my UGLY sweater...

So. Tis the season to be jolly right? And people are talking about holiday parties, and gift giving and eating and family time... it deffo is the holiday season. But somehow I feel so out of it. People talk about ugly sweater holiday parties. I have never been to one (or invited to one for that matter), but I thought I would participate with one of my own ugly sweaters (though I don't think it is ugly, I think it is rather cute). I bought this sweater what feels like ages ago, which in Randi language probably means between 2 and 12 months ago... Once I saw it in Primark, during one of my regular shopping visits, I fell in love. It is not typical Randi, nor is it very appealing, but I thought it had its own charm ( and it's soft) so I bought it. I bust this sweater out every once in a while, and I decided that at work we should have an ugly sweater themed day for the holidays.... I wonder which I will wear....
Do you have that ugly sweater ready for the holidays lurking in your closet?

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