Oh. I'm not sad or anything. How could I be? New shoes, clothes and goodies, great friends and family and Christmas is coming...I'm just wearing navy and light light blue. This skirt was one of my all time favorites in London. I can't even say how many times I wore it (and continue to). But I discovered, on my return to the States, it is deffo a winter skirt, because I have to, I must wear tights with it, or I am exposed. I decided to try it with a looser fitting shirt, rather than the tight tee I generally wear it with (or this glitter sweater), so I paired it with my "Chambray" shirt from Primark, and some opaque tights. For a while there I was not a fan of opaque tights, but I have a feeling this fall and winter I will be playing with them and trying to wear them more.
This skirt has become a great back up option, because it goes so well with everything. I love trying different combos. Who can really help wearing a piece that is so easy and versatile, all the time. This skirt deffo gets frequent flyer miles, and you will be seeing it again....and probably soon! What is one of your fall back pieces...

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