Honestly friends, I am not sure where I was going with this...at all. I am obsessed with my new shoes from Urban Outfitters, and I wanted to wear them, but with what? was the question I asked myself. And the apparent answer was...a mixture (no clue). I threw on my sister's oversized cardigan (not sure if she wants it back), a lacy top (sweat shirt shape), and what I call my ice skating tights. Ice skating, because they are a little darker than my skin color making them just look heavy and warm, like what figure skaters wear... oh I don't know. It makes more sense in my head I suppose. Also the brown belt for good measure, and these lovely new shoes. It's a jumble of textures and shapes, new and old, practical and not so practical...all in all... a mixture...
Do you ever plan an outfit around your shoes? Disaster, Success or Mixture?

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