black white &.... PURPLE

I got this new blouse from Forever21 last weekend, and I love it! I have been obsessed with blouses as of late. It's something about buttoning it up, feeling smooth and classic, feminine and sexy, all at the same time. Blouses, even button ups, were never pieces I thought I would want to wear all the time, because of size issues, but somehow I have found cuts that fit just perfectly (well almost, there is nothing a little maneuvering can't fix). Pairing the soft blouse even with its harsh black contrasts, with my faux leather skirt, was automatic to me in my mind (I am glad it worked out as well in real life). Black and white are classic together, and the mixture of the satiny and leathery textures bumped up the combo. And the subtle shock of purple was all it needed (also my bf has been asking me to wear my JC's...he likes them).
then tragedy occurred
 Hope you have a great weekend!


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