a step UP...

Some days, getting ready for work is a shuffle. We all have been there, I am sure of it. My job has just recently instituted some new look policies aka dress code. The associates have to wear "all" black, while the managers and assistant managers are supposed to wear business casual. Now this, my friends, is a very loose term. In fact, I can not say I can even describe what business casual entails, and apparently neither can anyone. So I take it to mean- a step up. Which, henceforth thus, makes my mornings (or early afternoons, depending), a tad more difficult. This (well almost all of this, minus a few modifications), is what I decided to wear the second day of this policy being active... Business Casual.
 How do you define business casual? I need help...  :)


  1. Hiii
    Can we see what you wore for new years eve, puhhhleeease!! xxx

  2. Your outfit is too cute. I love the details of your blazer. Great look!



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