Ok. I know. I had to. Queen of Corny. Once again my foul skirt makes an appearance (like here, my very first blog post). I get so many compliments on it, but no one can tell what kind of flying animal it really is, but naturally, to maintain quirkiness, I dubbed it my "duck" skirt. It is still so odd to me, a duck (or some kind of foul, deffo need to do the research on that) print skirt...weird but still one of my favorite patterns. I stumbled on it by chance in Urban Outfitters, and was so into the character of the print that I tried it on, despite the fact that I didn't think it was my size.
And my shoes... reminiscent of the snow and rain boots by L.L. Bean (much more practical), yell duck too. The L.L. Bean boots have a rubber front, that look like a bill, hence the duck nickname, and mine have similar detailing, made to replicate the more rugged outdoorsy practical winter boot.

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