NOTE: This post has been curated by my lovely blogger artist friend, Mey. She picked out my clothes, did my hair, makeup, took the pictures, wrote the words and chose (loosely) which photos to use... hope you enjoy the change of pace. xx.

Randi was brave and let her crazy artsy friend (me) do her up today.

She was a little hesitant at first about the whole shindig but I think it was a good turn out. I was in love with her short little black leather skirt and paired it with a light weight top for a change in texture. Then I thought a classy little bun would be a great finish but Ms.Randi felt a little too school teacher, also I cut the bangs to a slickery straight across cut which we have been seeing on the run ways as if late. Well here is the end effect, hope y'all like it...

Love Mey
This is MEY

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  1. gurl you got some wordz wrong in there but its all gravy ;) cant wait to see what you got for me!!!


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