Friday night was date night. We went to Robongi, on Washington Street in Hoboken again. I had been craving good sushi for a while, though I am beginning to think that this craving is always present and hardly ever satiated, no matter how much good or bad sushi I eat.
bento box
The week before, my family went to the wrong place to get sushi, so this unfortunate incident made me want good sushi even more. I had been going (by been going, I mean twice) to this place in the City, on 50thish and 7thish, called Natsumi, which is pretty good. It is in an area that is pretty touristy, seconds away from Times Square, located in a hotel, but does not feel like a tourist trap.
my tempura
Anyway. Last time we went to Robongi, it was also a Friday night, but we went later when the music got louder and the lights dimmer. This time, because we were famished and were trying to avoid yuppies, we went earlier.  My favorite was set on getting a bento box, he had been talking about it all day. So that is what he got. It comes with mixed tempura, a sushi roll (he got spicy Tuna), shumai, and entrée of your choosing (he got salmon teriyaki).
I was also wanting tempura, so I ordered the appetizer size, as I wanted my sushi to be the star of the show. And that  it was…
I picked a chef special roll we had gotten before called Sex on the Beach. It had all the lovely tastes I long for in sushi. The middle was filled with cucumber, tempura shrimp, crab, and on top was tuna, and somewhere in there was eel. It was crunchy from the tempura and delicious, a wild medley that you would not expect to be seductive. All the flavors blended, but at the same time remained distinct. The other roll I indulged in, was spicy scallop, another of my favorites! I have had it at other places, but it is always best at Robongi. The scallops are plump and fresh, nestled in with their spicy concoction, creating the perfect balance of hot (from the spices) and cold (from the succulent scallops). Ooo yum, I am drooling thinking about my sushi now.
Unfortunately, my favorite was extremely disappointed with his bento box, claiming that the sushi was the best part. I was more than satisfied with my generous helping of well-orchestrated raw ingredients. Next time, we will deffo stick to sushi!

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  1. The way you write about the sushi makes me wish even more that I did not get the bento box. But when the company is good it doesn’t really matter what you’re eating. We have to go back soon.


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