Shoe Lust...

I love shoes. Heels more precisely, I can’t help it unfortunately. I just love shoes.
Since I have been employed, I have wanted to reward myself, mostly for getting a job and not leaving it within the first pay period, but also because I really want new shoes. When I was in London, shoes and pub food, were my primary purchases. But since my return, there have been minimal shoe acquisitions. I bought these amazing red shoes, though not everyone, mostly my favorite, is not the largest fan
sexy red shoes

I have been dreaming about these purple Jeffery Campbell shoes, since my first week telemarketing. I do not know what made me think to look for his shows, probably looking at facebook pictures or another blog I like. But it was a dangerous decision to look into. Because of course I found a pair I want, and now I am lusting after them.
jeffrey Campbell- i waaant

Maybe next pay check.


  1. Wow those Jeffrey Campbell shoes are omazing. I could just imagine how good they will look on you.

  2. hi
    I love you for mentioning JC. Those purps are amazing. You should check out the jc blog on the jc website, they have a new shoe without an arch. I drooled. Lets do more shoe shop talk cuz I think your as obsessed as I am.

  3. I can so see you looking amazing in both pairs! I wish I would pull off shoes like the purple ones, but unfortunately I do not think I could (nor would my feet probably allow me to). But since I also love shoes, definitely post more about of particular pairs and designers :)


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