Two Roles, One Costume...

I currently work two jobs (awesome). I am a telemarketer (lovely) and a sales associate at Ricky’s (yippee). And some days, I go from one employment to the other, telemarketing in the City in the morning and Ricky’s in Hoboken in the afternoonevening.
First of all, I am finding it extremely difficult modifying typical “Randi,” and creating a more “adult workspace” appropriate clothing regime. And it’s not like I only have to do this every so often; I work five days a week as a telemarketer, with adults, who probably struggle with the things I end up wearing anyway. I am waiting for someone to say something to me. Though one of the lovely ladies I work with commented on the height of some of my heels, but that was more of a health concern. Looking respectful and responsible with my wardrobe becomes difficult when it is necessary with such high frequency.
tuesday attire- this is me trying
Secondly, my other part- time venture, is at place that embraces, enjoys, and even seeks out individuality and uniqueness. So I don’t want to roll up to Ricky’s NYC in a boring grey pencil skirt or something that just blends in. The people I work with let their personality show through their clothes, make-up, piercings, hair color(s), etc. I don’t want to be that stray business (business casual) lady sticking out like a sore thumb. Though my manager the other day said I always look so nice, and the district manager today asked if I came from school or another job. They seem unaccustomed to my semi-tidy fanfare.
monday attempt
So, I wake up every morning I work both jobs, trying to come up with a costume that fits both parts. Sometimes I am more successful than others. What to do…


  1. I LOVE your outfits

  2. Great read Miss! I <3 your hair in the first pic, baby cakes!! x


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