my first shatter adventure
I have always been a major fan of nail polish, but since my newest employment at Ricky’s NYC in Hoboken, my interest and passion for nail polish has multiplied by tenfold. My sister is a nail polish fiend, she always laughs at how my nails turn out, “If you didn’t always rush, they would come out better.” I think that every time I paint my nails. Hers always turn out so nicely. Oh well.
Now I find myself painting my nails at least every other day, not only to keep up with the other girls that I work with, but because of the amazing options I am now exposed to.  There are soooo many colors and exciting things to do with nail polish, glitter, neon colors, little gems and patterns, and most of all SHATTER.
Ok, so, Shatter is made by O.P.I. and was inspired by Katy Perry and it appears in her line for the company. This kind of nail polish sells out so quickly, people come in the store looking for it, explaining that they can not find it anywhere. Shatter is being sold on ebay for up to $100, which is a big difference, though in stores it is a whopping $14, which to me is a bit much for nail polish, except Shatter.
Shattered again...

So my friends have asked me what shatter is, because I have been talking about it nonstop, because I am obsessed. Shatter goes on top of already dried nail polish. It is black and while it dries, it transforms, breaking and cracking, revealing the color beneath it, and creating a cool design that can not be replicated. O.P.I. suggests you put Shatter on top of Lacquer (which last longer than regular nail polish, just a little tid bit I learned), because they make lacquer, but really it goes on top of anything.

I am obsessed, and keep thinking of different ways to use it, different color combos, and such. I have also been informed, that they are coming out with different color shatters for the warmer seasons. I actually just read it again in Refinery29 this morning. Guess who’s excited….
finished nails


  1. I really want this nail polish now! Get me some hahah

  2. I used to paint my nail so they looked like lady bugs.


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