As I mentioned before, tights or leg accessories, are vital in my wardrobe.
flowered nets
Right now I am all about fishnets, and I don't mean stripper style (though I am not entirely opposed to large holed nets). But I am talking about all the creative ones I've seen, and bought, and craved as of late. Working ladies seem to be adopting fun fishnets and patterned tights to jazz up their work wear. I have seen this on my daily commute. I wore some to the club this weekend to embellish my LBD.
patterned by hole size
Fishnets come in so many varieties- heavy material with more pronounced holes, to those finer with smaller eyelets, to those that have large fishes (that's what I call the holes). I especially like the fishnets with designs on top or ones with patterns created by the hole size... And who can't be wrong with the sexy secretary seam up the back.
fishnets with detail
 So many to choose from...
fishnet fun

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