By an unanimous vote, this shirt has decided to be not that appealing. The jury was small, tried and true (me and my boyfriend) and still unanimous. But for some reason I am still drawn to it. When I first bought it nearly three weeks ago ( I only know because it was from Forever21 and I hold on to all my recipts from there in case I want to exchange impulse purchases), I thought it was ugly too, lurid. But in the end I was drawn to it and bought it. I have spent the past three weeks trying to develop a way to wear it, blending the ugly with my other clothes. It is a cropped top, and I do not have the guts to wear it with anything other a high waisted bottom, so I tried it out with this H&M skirt (a fall back). Initially I really liked it, the varied textures of the top along with the muted colors essential for the oncoming winter season. In effort to spice up the nearly drab colors, I added on my snakeskin mary jane's. But in the end I can't say I'm crazy over it. It is still hard to tell...

What do you think?

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