Earlier in the week, my boyf volunteered to take pictures for me during our usual Tuesday rendez-vous. So I figured I would wear something that he has suggested. He keeps saying I should put one of my summer floral dresses with a blazer to make it fall appropriate (that and for some reason he really likes when I wear blazers). I thought it was a lovely idea, so I made it happen. I added in some new socks and gems that I got on my day off shopping spree...

I paired my trusty blue blazer (also picked out by the boy) with one of my summer dresses to bring the floral pattern into the cooler weather. The socks add extra texture and pattern to go along with the black background of the dress (too bad they kept slipping). Love the versatility of my summer dresses, and I am excited to see how I can bring them all into the cooler seasons. I made good shopping choices (I have to tell myself that) that will help my wardrobe all year round.

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  1. Your boyfriend definitely has good taste lol.


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